Fusion Product of Hula Hoop for diet exercise and IoT(Internet of Things)



Hoop your Future!

Hula Hoop is an aerobic exercise, which burns 420 calories per hour 

Healthy and beautiful future is yours with 30 minutes a day

Our Application measures hula hoops' quantity of motion by accelerating sensor.
 With our idea of Gamification, we create joy that you cannot quit.
Personal Trainer could obtain this exercise data to help you even more.

Automated Personal Smart Training System


This Automated Personal Smart Training System is made with IoT.

It recommends a systematic exercise program by measuring user's ability.

Automated Personal Smart Training System = Personal Trainer + Smart Training facility
System Functions (Routine exercise by levels, Varieties of exercise fields, DIY Routine)

Automated Personal Smart Training System


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서울 금천구 가산디지털 1로 24 대륭테크노타운 13차 908호 

908-ho(Guro-dong, Daeryung Technotown 13-cha)

Gasan digital 1-ro 24, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08591, Republic of Korea

Tell : +82-2-683-0103

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